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Creme of Nectar Soothing Wash .5 oz

A mild yet effective herbal cleansing emulsion designed to thoroughly clean the skin while protecting its natural moisture balance. It is rich in organic aromatic oils, phytonutrients and healing botanicals. Used daily, your skin will feel silky smooth and hydrated.


Super Phyto Rich Moisturizer .5 oz

This vegetarian herbal moisturizer has been formulated with the richest, most rejuvenating plant oils. This luxurious crème, with its abundant supply of gammalinolenic acid (GLA) and antioxidants, helps to preserve the moisture barrier function of cell membranes thus nourishing and hydrating the skin.


Lift and Firm Botanical Gel .5 oz

This unique gel blend is rich in antioxidants, stimulating and firming botanicals, moisturizing plant oils, and vitamins to balance the skin. It helps lift and tighten sagging or loose skin of the face, neck and décolleté (upper chest area) for greater skin integrity. Excellent for around the eye and lip areas and the hands. It can be used alone or under a DNA CryoStem™ moisturizer and eye crème.


Hydro Blend .5 oz

This serum works with the sebum and fatty acids of the skin to increase moisture, accelerate cell renewal and boost the natural preservation of the skin.


Island Infusion Body Nectar .5 oz




DNA Skin Institute Anti-Aging/Dry Kit

  • Creme of Nectar Soothing Wash

    • Rejuvenating and soothing to the skin
    • Leaves skin moist, supple and hydrated
    • Maintains moisture balance

    Aromatic Therapeutic Influence:

    • Soothing qualities instill a sense of calm
    • De-stressing qualities that assist in the release of mental fatigue

    Super Phyto Rich Moisturizer

    • Helps diminish fine line etching and wrinkles
    • Increases oxygen content in the skin
    • Preserves moisture barrier
    • Super hydrator
    • Helps moisturize and rehydrate photodamaged and photoaged skin

    Aromatic Therapeutic Influence:

    • Calming, relaxing and balancing, both physically and emotionally
    • Creates nurturing feelings

    Lift and Firm Botanical Gel

    • This is the richest antioxidant formula in the DNA CryoStem™ skin care product line for daily use.
    • Excellent around the delicate eye area, including the eyelids
    • Beneficial for tightening and firming skin laxity of the face, eye area and neck.
    • Balances skin pH
    • A skin tonic and decongestant
    • Helps diminish fine line etching of the skin, especially around the lip area

    Aromatic Therapeutic Influence:

    • Refreshing and uplifting
    • Enhances concentration


    Hydro Blend

    • Increases the moisture content of the skin
    • Accelerates cell renewal
    • Diminishes fine line etching and wrinkles
    • Leaves the skin smooth and supple

    Aromatic Therapeutic Influence:

    • Helps to elevate the emotions
    • Tranquilizing and calming
    • Creates a sense of focus and centering

    Island Infusion Body Nectar

    • Beneficial for all skin types.
    • Leaves skin moist, supple, and hydrated.

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