Celebrity Testimonials

Secret Celebrity

"Sienna Skin Care is the slice of heaven where my mind, body and soul are rejuvenated and uplifted with each visit. It's part of the natural glow of who I am everyday."

Gabrielle Anwar

"At Sienna Skin Care I can always rely on my skin being lovingly cleansed and rejuvenated. It is a place of sanctity amidst life's chaos."

Wendie Malick

"I have entrusted my face to Sally for almost 20 years...Each time I leave feeling pampered and relaxed with clean, healthy skin." 

Marla Maples

"I have really enjoyed my time with Sally at Sienna Skin Care. Her special care and amazing SX4000 treatment has left me feeling refreshed, happy and with tighter and firmer skin. And that's a good thing for those days at the beach! "

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