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Extra Strength Reduced L-Glutathione Supplement

Derma-CLRTM is formulated to help the body cleanse oxidative blemishes on the skin and promote a flawless and fairer appearance.

60 caps

DNA Skin Institute Derma CLR

    • Produces a healthy glow and nourishes the skin
    • Reduces and prevents aging spots and hyperpigmentation
    • Delays premature aging and wrinkles
    • Prevents and removes pimple and other wound scars
    • Derma-CLR is an extremely effective antioxidant which is designed to help maintain the skin’s elasticity and healthy color. This product contains a pure form of L-glutathione manufactured in the US, and can be added to any skin care regime. Derma- CLRTM helps to lighten the skin’s hyperpigmentation by inhibiting darker melanin production and reverse the aging process. Age spots, scars and other skin irregularities are reduced by the effects of this product. Clinical studies confirm that this formula has a preserving and radiating effect upon the skin.

    • Derma-CLR not only aids the skin but is also involved in detoxification, antioxidant function, and improves the immune system of the overall body. L-glutathione blocks harmful toxins from within the body and helps to remove toxins that normally cause damage to the skin and internal organs.

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