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This complete treatment gel was formulated on a conductor gel format while providing a complete treatment. This gel creates a more effective micro current treatment, and benefits clients who may suffer from a loss of elasticity, dehydration, photo damage, or are highly reactive or hypersensitive. It also provides an excellent cocktail base for use with moisturizers, sun protection, booster drops, MediClear Acne Serum™, and MediClear Skin Lightening Gel™. Zen Therapy Treatment Gel™ is one of the most dynamic and flexible treatment gels on the market.


DNA Skin Institute Zen Therapy Treatment Gel

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    • Enhances the tightness, firmness, and texture of skin.

    • Helps to regulate oil and sebum production.

    • Great for use with rosaceous skin conditions. 

    • Cools and soothes skin irritated with hives or rash due to allergies or sensitivities.

    • Cools and soothes sun burnt skin.

    • Calmative & anti-stress.

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